Here we go. Album two time x best get writing…


My new single ‘Lay Me Down’ is out now!! Here’s the link if you’d like to download a copy: http://po.st/4VWnWr
Thank you to everyone supporting it, I love you all so much xx


Two New Tracks…

Good Afternoon everybody. Over the past week, two new tracks have gone up that really mean a lot to me.. I’ve Told You Now and Not In That Way.. Would love to know what you all think of them.

My album is really starting to take shape now, can’t wait for you all to hear it

Not In That Way http://po.st/3PN89m

I’ve Told You Now http://po.st/ifPZtx


Afternoon y’all lol

Here is my VEVO performance for their Ones To Watch 2014. Hope y’all like it. @VEVO_UK @VEVO_DSCVR 


Weekend Away

sam smith blogI have just had the most beautiful weekend. This past week has been manic. I had a halloween party last Saturday, and let’s just say it turned into one of the messiest nights I have had in a while. It was incredible, but I think my body just didn’t agree with the copious amounts of alcohol and red bull. So for the past week, my body has been recovering.

I have also started the recording of the album. Seeing it come together has been pretty overwhelming to be honest. I don’t play any instruments so every song on this album has been a co-write. But the majority of lyrics and melody is me, and let’s just say it’s been a bit of an emotional roller coaster of a year. So returning to some of these songs this week, was really crazy and unsettled me a little I guess.

So… I fled the city for the weekend and have been in Whitley Bay. A town 20 mins from Newcastle. I basically grew up here with my cousins, Grandma and Grandpa. It’s been so relaxing. I haven’t done my hair, or shaved or worried about what to wear. Just been going on walks by the ocean and eating good food. Sometimes you just need two days to re-charge. Currently on a train back to the big smog. Excited for this week though. Excited for the next year if I’m honest. Who knows what’s round the corner. All my love.

Maida Vale

Maida VakeWhat a day. About a year ago, I went to Maida Vale for the first time with the incredible Disclosure and sang ‘Latch’ for a Rob De Bank christmas special. That place is incredible. You can feel the history as you walk from studio to studio, and the atmosphere is electric. So I was so happy when I found out that I was going to be doing my own personal session in this historic studio space.

I did the session with Mr Zane Lowe. Such a lovely guy and me and the band had a proper laugh with him. Spending today with the band has just reminded me of how excited I am to tour next year. I feel like I’ve been writing so much recently that I am so hungry to just perform and see the reaction. I really hope you all enjoy the session.

My first post…

Sam MOBO blog

I am currently sitting in bed badly hungover after the Mobo Awards last night. It has been a mad one. Far too much champagne but it had to be done because I won an award for LaLaLa. Still trying to get my head around it to be honest. My life has changed so dramatically over the past year, and finally I am busy doing something I love, however because my schedule can get a little hectic I am getting less and less free time to see family and friends and explain in full detail my account of all these amazing things.

So in the bath it came to me… I should start a blog so that my fans, friends and family can see what I am getting up to and how I am feeling, in my own words. It’s hard to sum up an experience in a twitter post. So here we are.